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General Information

The Air Show offers great marketing and advertising opportunities and exposure to a number of businesses as well as more than 3000 individuals. We offer several options to benefit from this unique opportunity. Please note that NO food stalls shall be allowed as this service has already been outsourced.


Option 1 - Hospitality Tent

Book a tent for the day's event and invite 30 guests to enjoy the air show while you cater for them with snacks and drinks as you please.

Cost: Only  P40 000 Book now!


Option 2 - Corporate Exhibit / Motor Show Stand (10m x 10m)


This option is designed for businesses that need more space to exhibit bigger items such as vehicles, farm equipment, aircraft etc.

Cost: Only P 10 000 Book now!


Option 3 - Airstrip Banner Advertising

All of the eyes for the day are going to be on the runway. Why not make use of the opportunity to advertise on the fence opposite the main runway.

Cost: Only P 5 000 Book now!


Option 4 - Small Exhibit Stand - Outdoors - (3m x 3m)

This option is designed for medium to small exhibitors who want to expose their products or services to the public.

Cost: Only P650 Book now! 
(The charge of P650 per stall includes two entrance tickets)


Please download our "Agreement for Stalls, Exhibits and Advertisers"

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